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Renewal Date 26/06/2023

Bowel Health + Women's Health - Beyond the Basics with Michelle Lyons 09/06/2022 3.00
Covid 19 Rehabilitation Course 21/05/2022 3.00
Female Health and Hormones Masterclass - Menstruation, Maternity & Menopause 01/05/2022 7.50
Low Pressure Fitness Level 1 with Tamara Rial 07/03/2022 4.00
Yoga for the Perimenopause 60 hour Training 13/10/2021 10.00
Women and Back Pain 28/09/2021 2.50
Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for adult populations 12/08/2021 3.75
CIMSPA Member Webinar: Improving Exercise Adherence within Your Business 30/07/2021 0.50
Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for adult populations 29/07/2021 1.00
From the Glottis to the Pelvic Floor - making core connections 26/07/2021 0.50
APPI- Pilates for Hypermobility (APPI) 24/07/2021 2.00
Foundations of Embodiment 13/07/2021 9.00
Burrell Education - Meno Strength (Burrell Education) 26/06/2021 10.00
Exercise for Pain Relief 31/03/2021 2.00
Lymphatic Mojo Workshop 13/12/2020 3.50
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - The missing link in persistent low back pain 03/09/2020 0.25
VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (CIMSPA) 02/09/2020 10.00
CanRehab Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation (CanRehab) 01/09/2020 10.00
TRX Suspension Training Course 22/05/2020 8.00
Mental Health First Aid England - Adult MHFA Two Day Course 17/01/2020 4.00
Certified Clinical Somatic Educator in the Tradition of Thomas Hanna 01/12/2017 10.00
Neck Pain - New approaches 15/11/2017 0.75
Certificate in Mindfulness Skills 20/10/2017 10.00
Making Sense of Back Pain - A Cognitve Functional Approach 04/06/2017 10.00
Explain Pain 2 Day Course Noi Group 27/04/2017 4.00
Mobilisation of the Nervous System, Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NoiGroup) 16/06/2016 3.50
CIMSPA Endorsed CPD 15/01/2015 10.00
CIMSPA Endorsed CPD 28/11/2014 10.00
Somatic Exercise Coach 12/10/2014 6.00
Dru Yoga 23/03/2014 10.00
Diagnostic Pilates 1 - Postural Assessment & Shoulder Stability 09/07/2011 1.00
Specialist Pilates Hip and Knee 25/06/2011 1.00
Pilates and Shoulder Stability 11/06/2011 1.00
Diagnostic Pilates 2 - Pelvis and Lower Limb 14/05/2011 1.00
Modern Pilates and Spinal Conditions 18/09/2010 1.00
Pilates and Pregnancy 30/05/2009 1.00
CIMSPA Endorsed CPD 19/03/2008 10.00

A former chronic pain sufferer, I now work with clients to use education, exercise, movement and evidence-based mind-body strategies to promote self-efficacy and help them ease pain, move better, learn to relax and get back to activities they love. As well as GP Referral and exercise for low back pain, I am qualified in Pilates, Yoga, Clinical Somatic Education (aka Hanna Somatics - neuroscience-based movement and bodywork derived from the Feldenkrais Method) and Mindfulness.
I understand the experience of chronic pain myself, as I struggled with debilitating, persistent pain for several years after the birth of my son in 2011. Pain makes you desperate, and you can waste a lot of time going down rabbit holes. The silver lining in this expereince is that I also have understanding of the process of recovery. Pain is multifactorial in nature, and needs a biopsychosocial approach. When I started looking at the evidence for what turns up pain, and what winds it down, it became easier to navigate the road to wellness. There were many things I needed to learn about the nervous system and brain, posture, movement, strength, load and capacity, grading exposure to tasks, exercise intensity, relaxation and coping strategies. I still have fibromyalgia, a spondylolisthesis and hypermobility, however I no longer suffer persistent pain. Movement is my medicine, I walk the talk and I practise what I preach.
My work is also my hobby. I am an avid follower of research in the fields of neuroscience in relation to touch therapy, movement and mindset, pain science, exercise and pain managment, and have attended many relevant CPD trainings:Paincloud Convention 2018, San Diego Pain Summit 2017, the International Chronic Pain Conference 2020 and Therapy Live 2020.
My current area of focus is hormonal health, digestive health, pelvic floor fitness and the breathing system, active aging, and optimising health in the perimenopausal years and beyond.