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Lazaro Almenares R0010953

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Membership Type Personal Trainer Practitioner

Membership Number R0010953

Renewal Date 15/06/2022


Phone 07889928117

Email lazaro@cubancardio.com

Website cubancardio.com

CPD/AED (Adult/Child/Infant) 21/07/2021 1.00
Behavior Change Science: Help Clients Stick with their Program 14/07/2021 0.50
Exercise: Exploring the Science of Recovery 30/05/2021 0.50
Sudden Cardiac Arrest eLearning 25/05/2021 0.50
Zumba - Take The Lead (ZUMBA) 02/04/2021 1.00
How to Coach: Plan, Do, Review 29/07/2020 0.25
Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport (elearning) 29/07/2020 0.50
1 - Mind (The National Association of Mental Health) - Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity (MHASPA) 27/07/2020 3.00
Zumba Virtual Pro 11/07/2020 2.00
REPS CPD (REPS Legacy ) 08/07/2020 1.00
Pearson edexcel level 3 award in assessing vocationally related achievement 01/08/2016 10.00
CIMSPA Endorsed CPD 27/04/2012 10.00
How to Coach Sport Effectively - sports coach UK 19/11/2006 1.00
How to Coach Sport Safely - sports coach UK 19/11/2006 1.00
Good Practice and Child Protection - sports coach UK 19/11/2006 1.00
Freestyle Wrestling Coach Course - The British Wrestling Association 18/11/2006 1.00

My Mane is Lazaro and I am a Personal Trainer. I've been in sport and fitness since I was a little kid and now I am an old man as you can see I am in the best shape of my life. I was born in Cuba and music and dance are in my blood. As well as my fitness training. I teach Boxing, MMA, Salsa, and Zumba just to get my weekly fix of Latin Spirit vibes and Cardio!
I regularly compete as a Natural Bodybuilder and I have won several titles every year for the last 10 years. I have been selected as a Guru trainer on the Active Channel since 2004 and I have been since co-founded the Kettleblast ultimate training System. Now I concentrate on training others here and I specialized in training experienced exercises and also those people who are relatively new to exercise building confidence in and out of the gym. If you are committed you will receive 100% of my attention, skills, knowledge, and experience and you will see results. Book your training session now!
Lazaro has devoted several years to his career and passion which is helping others improve their health and fitness. He is incredible at motivating his clients and making sure they become the healthiest and fittest they have ever been. Lazaro makes sure that each training session is highly personalized and will never be repeated. Co-founder of the Cuban Cardio and Kettleblast ultimate training In a training session with Lazaro, you will laugh, dance and workout hard, that is why his nickname is “The Crazy Cuban”. You won’t believe how much fun you can have whilst exercise!
Lazaro develops training and nutrition programs for people in preparation for the Olympics and other major UK events. As a professional fitness expert and master trainer, the Crazy Cuban loves to share his experience and knowledge with others.