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Stefan Kolimechkov MCIMSPA (chartered) 33927

Membership CIMSPA

Membership Type Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner

Membership Number 33927

Renewal Date 01/11/2021

Covid-19 Awareness Training (ReActivate) 19/01/2021 3.00
Positive Coaching course 15/01/2020 0.50
Formal/Educational (Writing an Article): Changes in heart rate and blood lactate concentration during karate kata competition 05/01/2020 5.00
Formal/Educational (Writing an Article): Application of hypoxicators in the rowers’ training 20/10/2019 5.00
Formal/Educational (Writing an Article): Nutrition and physical development assessment of pre-school and primary school children practising artistic gymnastics 20/07/2019 5.00

I am Dr Stefan Kolimechkov and my research focuses on assessing physical fitness, physical activity and nutritional diet. I obtained my PhD degree in Physical Education from the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry at the National Sports Academy, Bulgaria in 2018. I am also a Registered Scientist (RSci) in the United Kingdom, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science (ISSN 2501 - 1235).
I provide a range of services in gymnastics coaching, personal training, physical education and sports in London, and I am involved in different scientific projects in sport and exercise sciences.