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Mario Boser 370147

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Membership Type Student

Membership Number 370147

Renewal Date 29/05/2021

Diploma in Fitness 26/09/2020 10.00
Level 1 Diploma in Professional Coaching 10/09/2020 1.00
Certificate in Sports Management - Level 3 31/08/2020 1.25
Diploma in Nutrition 31/08/2020 3.75
Sports Nutrition Crash Course 30/08/2020 0.25

Thank you for visiting my CIMSPA profile. My name is Mario and I have been practising martial arts since 1989. My goal is to inspire and motivate the youth, as well as adults, in becoming more active, make healthier choices, and to share the experience of shaping oneself into a better person each and every day.
Physical activity is very important and has not only physiological benefits but it also contributes to social and psychological well-being. It reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Besides this, drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy are mandatory for health and fitness.
For this reason, I opened this club with British Taekwondo to help my students to achieve their health and fitness goals with martial arts and maintaining the Five Tenets of Taekwondo.
Start your fitness journey now and learn martial arts.
Taekwondo4Fitness - Keep it going, work harder and never give up!
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